The only way to be the Majority is to make some allowances for others in our Great Democracy!

Instead, we have two dominant parties.

The Demographic lines between the two have hardened into red states and blue states.

Both parties exaggerate, obfuscate, and turn every conceivable point of disagreement into a gigantic political football. Both parties want to attain a permanent majority. Neither ever will!

Both parties claim to represent a sizable percentage of the populace. They do not! The PEW Research Center has identified eight political typologies, one of which is the “Go away and don’t bother me!” crowd.

There should be eight meaningful parties, not just two fake political parties. One of the eight should represent the politically disaffected. Why not?

If there were eight parties, one of the parties would more effectively represent people like me, people who are moderate on social issues but who also want to reign in government spending and government overreach.

Instead, we have two political mirages at war with each other. Here are the two most obvious examples: You Republicans have nothing in common with the Proud Boys. You Democrats have nothing in common with Antifa. Yet, the two parties attempt to hold together a fake constituency, bolstered by fake media outlets.

As I said, both sides are attempting to attain a Permanent Majority. As I said, that will never happen!

We have two possible outcomes: 1. We learn to accept each other for who we are and let Hegel’s Dialectic go to work on a new synthesis, or 2. We have a second Civil War!