There’s a healthcare problem here in America, and in other places too. I only focus on America because that is where I live.

Driving down a busy street, I often see pedestrians gesticulating wildly and talking to themselves. I always say the same thing, “He’s off his meds.” My wife, a nurse who has worked with the underprivileged and the incarcerated, confirms my suspicions. The homeless, more often than not, don’t take their meds, they refuse to.

It’s a huge problem crying out for a solution.

Last night, on 60 Minutes, Gavin Newsome, governor of California was interviewed. He spoke about the homeless problem in California, and introduced a potential pathway towards dealing with it, Care Court. The idea is to get those who need assistance in front of a judge who could potentially mandate some evaluation, some assistance, and some medications.

Some human rights advocates say the proposal would violate the personal freedom of the crazed and maniacal by forcing them to take drugs.

Normally you will find me on the side of human rights and personal freedoms, but society is crying out for some much-needed intervention.

Proposed: Let’s give Governor Newsome some leeway here and evaluate the pros and cons of his proposed Care Courts. Something must be done.