The CBS Sunday Morning show this morning did a segment on the death and destruction in Ukraine. The problem was discussed, but no solutions were put forward. No solutions are ever put forward.

The situation in Ukraine is just one of the Political issues used by both parties as ammunition in the continuing war of rhetoric flying back and forth across the political aisle. America has no policy about what should and should not be done in these situations. Every new crisis engenders a new round of divisive and unproductive debate.

As everyone knows, Russia invaded Ukraine two years ago. We have been supplying Ukraine diplomatic support and humanitarian aide in many forms including armaments shipped to Ukraine. Republicans in Congress have bottled up the funding for continued aide to Ukraine. An expert on this morning’s show predicted Ukraine will be able to hold out for only six more months without it.

President Biden has said that “History is watching,” and judging us for these actions, or lack thereof.

Who is right? No one can say!

In my opinion, America is right to come to the assistance of any nation that finds itself under attack, but there must be reasonable limits.

Proposed: It is a tough pill to swallow, but an annual cap on foreign aide could and should be established and adhered to.